The young men at St. Augustine Youth Services, a foster care home, are required to leave at 18. These young men were headed for minimum wage and an entry-level life. We helped them find a fresh start in a bar of soap. Flagler Enactus challenged the boys by starting an eco-friendly soap company, Soapy Tales. B6SLUfT90kQXpxE4Ut0YU3OAm_ywly5DDugJEksT-8c,fHpTyCmWNOIFJSm0-i0Yqx2DhOShvk7Z4aDNf5y-9CI,lSCtF50Uw7clnBB5Xmuklvykv4tK7kqUzE6FWOBfsSkWe became partners in grime! Running a soap business taught them that it takes teamwork, discipline and determination to succeed. The young men are now in control of their lives and are able to make the transition from the group home to independent living. Visit this unique business at


Prisons cost American taxpayers $74 billion annually. tUJNfu-i_Z8OTzxvZNhAqVOkCAhOoHi6mUIac71sTKM,XJ7nqBy0Fex4dwi6mXEhZP_sLi0sWO756F9rJfMhOewOffenders need emotional and social skills to stay out of prison. Gateway to Haven is a unique 7 week therapy program, using horses to teach life skills necessary to make it on the outside. These activities teach the importance of teamwork, anger-management, and personal accountability, essentials in the workplace. 


Saint Augustine is known for its beaches and Flagler College Enactus decided it was time to keep them clean. Every year plastic bags kill over a  million birds, seals, whales, and fish. On top of that it takes at least 500 years for a plastic bag to biodegrade! We arrived at the conclusion that no matter how many beach clean ups we organized it wouldn’t be enough. greencitypresentation Our team headed straight for the source; the plastic bags. The team worked with our City Manager John Reagan and passed a resolution that outlined our plan for an environmentally sound, clean and healthy resolution that promoted the use of reusable bags.


Not having a job is the leading cause of recidivism. 3pQ6nlwOcxEW6LyaN8CwyPZLRNRlqP56YATFHiwlRk8,CZSqM8d6LRX9c2FQDaosOGOzGf9rqmFtzU-DyjxPEEA,nZ299xJug0OLI_Jgxzlgo4KN0n_ozhfDa2ZQirZK84QMany of the 80 young men housed at the St. Johns Juvenile Correctional Facility had no job skills and an uncertain future.

Apart from mentoring the boys each week, we have many projects that we’ve implemented at the facility including Career Kitchen & Cable Ready.


15 years ago Flagler Enactus’ first project was Flagler’s Legacy, a tour business of our historic campus. These tours grew into 2 retail stores and an online business operated by 28 students. It serves as a living classroom for our community and as a model for many of our other projects. It has cumulative sales of 5 million dollars, and serves over 70,000 visitors annually. A tourism impact study found that Flagler’s Legacy added 15.2 million dollars to the St. Augustine economy.