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Soapy Tales

The young men at St. Augustine Youth Services, a foster care home, are required to leave at 18. These young men were headed for minimum wage and an entry-level life. We help them find a fresh start in a bar of soap. Flagler Enactus challenges the boys by starting an eco-friendly soap company, Soapy Tales. B6SLUfT90kQXpxE4Ut0YU3OAm_ywly5DDugJEksT-8c,fHpTyCmWNOIFJSm0-i0Yqx2DhOShvk7Z4aDNf5y-9CI,lSCtF50Uw7clnBB5Xmuklvykv4tK7kqUzE6FWOBfsSkWe became partners in grime! Running a soap business taught them that it takes teamwork, discipline and determination to succeed. The young men are now in control of their lives and are able to make the transition from the group home to independent living. Visit this unique business at



Dominican Wave

In 2016, Soapy Tales became a tale of two cities. Flagler College Enactus partnered with the Dominican Development Group (DDG) to bring Soapy Tales to the town of San Marcos in the Dominican Republic. The DDG is a unique mission organization within the Episcopal Church that works with economically depressed communities in the DR. Executive Director, Bill Kunkle, has been working closely with the community of San Marcos for 6 years. Soap making is easy to learn, has low startup costs, and would create income for this struggling community.  In June 2017, two members of Flagler College Enactus traveled to the Dominican Republic to establish the business, Dominican Wave, and began production. Flagler Enactus alum Chelsea Reppin has since remained in the D.R. to develop the business full-time. This business is already been running past its first year and we are excited to continue working on the non-profit as it transitions into its second year of business. 



Beyond the Diploma 

The College Reach Out Program is designed to increase the number of educational and economically disadvantaged high school and middle school students who will enroll in college upon graduation from high school. The CROP program is a way to learn and grow with the community that surrounds St. Augustine. Students from many areas of life will be able to open up and be mentored by our team to help there passion and dreams become a reality. This specially selected group of students will grow in a controlled group or activity and learn the importance of responsibility, management, business, leadership and so much more. We are proud to serve these students and say we are making a difference and increasing GPA’s, graduation rates, and decrease academic truancy in school.



Flagler’s Legacy

15 years ago Flagler Enactus’ first project was Flagler’s Legacy, a tour business on our historic campus. These tours grew into 2 retail stores and an online business operated by 28 students an growing. It serves as a living classroom for our community and as a model for many of our other projects. It has cumulative sales of 5 million dollars, and serves over 70,000 visitors annually. A tourism impact study found that Flagler’s Legacy added 15.2 million dollars to the St. Augustine economy. Today, we continue to integrate our other programs into the store by utilizing it space and resources on a daily basis to house a fundamental place of learning.